Golden spraying

Spraying produced due to the vacuum and is environmentally safe. At the same time, the drawing we need will become the color of real gold. This method allows us to clean and use detergents on surfaces with drawing and spraying. Its resistant to all types of technical and atmospheric influences. The maximum size of the spraying surface is 1400х3200.

«Frosty» Technology

Also produced with ecologically safe method, therefore requires certain time for manufacturing. Then what exactly this technology is? By ordering picture in “frosty” technology we getting interesting “hoarfrost” pattern, like the one you see on windows in winter. The complete “frosty” drawing can also be applied in golden color


Processing mirrors and glass with air-flow. Applying drawing with golden spraying after air-flow.


For processing of souvenirs or other interior items we offering golden spraying or air-flow technologies (the drawing after air-flow can also be applied).


It’s a colored glass. For today there are lots of different, interesting colors and shades of lakobel in Ukraine. We also are offering processing in golden spraying or “frosty”.


Installation, edging, glass bending; High quality glass – transparent, toned, opaque – with thickness from 4 to 19 mm, mirror in silver or bronze. Graphite - thickness of 3, 4 and 6 mm; Facets (up to 45 mm), and also drilling holes from 4 to 150 mm;

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